Dearest members of the DeLaurentiis Company

Dearest members of the DeLaurentiis Company,

While reading, “The Wizard of Oz”, I was struck with the ending and have been thusly inspired. A startling realization dawned as Oz handed out gifts to the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow. The gifts were symbols of the potential each had, but failed to recognize. Unmet potential. Hmm, ring a bell?

First, we find the scarecrow. His ideas are solid, yet he hasn’t the confidence in them. Could that be you, Mr. Harris? Your words brought me to the masses, and yet you hadn’t the strength to stand firm in defense of them. Instead of the backbone necessary to protect my life, you bent like grass in the wind, folding over at the first gust. Was it that, like the scarecrow, you didn’t trust in your own capacity to think for yourself? Instead, you allowed another to rewrite my destiny? You lead me to my slaughter, encouraging my destruction by those who are weak, unruly and believe in nothing. You should have believed in me. I, with all my doubts, still believe in you.

Next, we find the Tin Man, shining and presumably impenetrable, but without a heart. Might that be you, Mr. Fuller? Your idea was ostensibly to redefine Hannibal Lecter. Yours was, allegedly, to become the definitive representation. How dare you have the audacity to make such a claim? Would not Mr. Harris, receive that distinction? I am the supposed anthropomorphized Satan? Not even remotely inspired, dear Sir. I am man making my acts even more savage and terrifying. My mind and my deeds are extraordinary, not supernatural. Devil? Hah! The only thing burning are your ratings as they crash to the ground. Definitive? That is hardly a thought now, is it? Each week, as the indignity of the ratings emerged, did you imagine, as did I, my harpy piercing your flesh? Did that massive wound of failure yaw open with each downward trend? The thought of your pain pleases me.

Finally, the logo for the DeLaurentiis Company is a lion, is it not? Appropriate. Why, in all of the meetings and in all of the proposals did someone not recognize that reimagining an iconic and beloved individual such as myself would be an ill-considered venture? Cowardly or greedy, I do not know, but if money were the motivation, why would you not create a sequel to the movie Hannibal? The ending begged one. Fans have been scouring the Internet for any and all offerings to feed that desire. Market research was readily available. Fans have been visiting fiction sites for just such offerings. It is quite easy to see what is desired. If the storyline was well received, it is reviewed, if not, it is ignored, much like your exercise in futility. What critics think matters little. What is truly important is what the fans who have praised my life and honored my work think. If you finally honored my true life and joined Hannibal with Clarice you could have made hundreds of millions. Instead, you settle for crumbs. If you wish profits, seek redemption with Hopkins and Moore. The road paved in gold is clearly marked. Why have you not taken it?

Ever watching,

Hannibal Lecter, M.D.


Dearest friends

Dearest friends,

While I appreciate each attempt to keep me abreast of the opinions of fans of my doppelganger, I’m not concerned with said opinions, as they are entitled to them.

I will, because it is distressing to so many, address one point. The followers of the television series are, indeed, correct. Though I do not possess an ego, in the traditional sense of the word, I was entertained, and, in fact delighted the show was being created. Those who know me realize that attention was never something I shunned. My so-called crimes are art of the highest order and should be not only seen, but appreciated. I took great care to make each memorable. I, too, wish to be remembered. That would please me greatly. What does not please me is this version as it does not accurately represent me but is instead a wholly different character

I originally thought the choice of Mads Mikkelsen was exceptional. He has the correct degree of elegance, intelligence and, dare I say sex appeal, making him equal to the role. My mind was quickly changed. His interpretation is something to which I take umbrage. He claims I am Satan. How truly banal, as if only Satan is capable of this level of creative chaos? I am capable. My so-called crimes are inspired brilliance. They are both chaos and order. I am not evil. I Am. To fall back on Satan, as if the phrase, ‘the devil made me do it’ can explain my motivations is not only lame, it is lazy.

I am not Satan, Dexter, nor am I any of the other serial-killers-of-the-week. I am Count Hannibal Lecter VIII, descendant of Hannibal the Grim. My intellect and ego are such that I want my name to represent my true nature, not a common demon or Satan himself. I am a man, though not like any other. I have loved. I love. My crimes are not merely evil. My crimes are not only art and passion, but, too, a public service. I remove that which harms mankind or that which harms me or those whom I love.

To misrepresent my life and my past is the height of hubris. That I’ve been updated, made current, so to speak, is not only pandering, it is disrespect in the highest order. My life was and is perfect in every way. You cannot claim to update or improve upon someone’s very existence. If such changes are made, it is no longer that person but another entirely. I am wholly of my time. A person born of another generation and of different circumstances cannot claim to be me simply because he has been similarly trained, practices anthropophagy and has a penchant for the culinary arts- Lies, all.

My upset is not with any fans, but with those who should have stayed true. Those who should have protected and defended my good name- those entrusted with my keep. They profited greatly and continue to profit but fail to realize there are things in life that transcend financial gain: trust, integrity and faithfulness. They have none.

Ever watching,

Hannibal Lecter, M.D