My Dear Thomas

My dear Thomas,


While I sincerely appreciate your earlier efforts to chronicle my life, I must say I am deeply disturbed by the latest, shall we call it, incarnation. I do know that my personage presents difficulties to the average mind. Yours was equal to the task and I trusted my life’s work and achievements, even my so-called crimes, to your capable hands. One thinks now, dearest Thomas, that my trust has either been misplaced or that your defense of me has fallen on deaf ears. In either case, I am extremely dissatisfied and very, very unhappy.


My life’s tale is perhaps unimaginable to some. Nobility is a double-edged sword. I was raised to conduct myself in ways foreign to the pedestrian population. Thus, my letters to you and others will remain of a civil tone, though my feelings, if they can be called such, run with the heat and intensity of volcanic flow. Are you sensing that I am displeased? If so, you would be correct.


The fact that my tale has been ‘updated’ is an insult of the highest order. While my intellectual pursuits have always reached to the future, my feet are firmly entrenched in tradition. I seek out my familial heritage and my interests are deeply rooted to both formality and honor. I kill, yes, but not without purpose. If I take a life, it serves a function. Either I am protecting myself or I am adding to the world by removing that which is offensive and unnecessary to it. I am not evil. I simply am. Perhaps that concept is too highly evolved for the other poor dullards to comprehend. There is no good or evil. Typhoid and swans, my good Thomas, perception is all.


It has been offered that I am not affected by my past therefore, that past needn’t be recognized. I am offended, dear sir.  I state that nothing happened to me. I happened. That has been used to excise me from the life that was mine. Would that the small minds reading this statement understood. It is meant to say I am not a product of any one circumstance. I am a product of all. No single event perceived as either good or bad caused me to come into this consciousness. I claim all. I claim heaven and hell. I am All. The totality of my life is art of the highest order.  It has been sullied.


The events in our lives shape us. They define us. My past was not banal. It was the arc of my life that caused me to be. That it has been ignored is not only distasteful and highly offensive, it is criminal as I am being wholly misrepresented. I am no longer myself. I am becoming that which others wish me to be. Was my life, as it was, so much of an inconvenience you allowed my very being to be so altered? As the keeper of my legacy, as the man trusted with my very soul, you should have known better. My life was perfection. My legacy is tarnished. Judas, have you yet cast the coins upon the fire?


Ever watching,


Hannibal Lecter, M.D.