Dearest friends

Dearest friends,

While I appreciate each attempt to keep me abreast of the opinions of fans of my doppelganger, I’m not concerned with said opinions, as they are entitled to them.

I will, because it is distressing to so many, address one point. The followers of the television series are, indeed, correct. Though I do not possess an ego, in the traditional sense of the word, I was entertained, and, in fact delighted the show was being created. Those who know me realize that attention was never something I shunned. My so-called crimes are art of the highest order and should be not only seen, but appreciated. I took great care to make each memorable. I, too, wish to be remembered. That would please me greatly. What does not please me is this version as it does not accurately represent me but is instead a wholly different character

I originally thought the choice of Mads Mikkelsen was exceptional. He has the correct degree of elegance, intelligence and, dare I say sex appeal, making him equal to the role. My mind was quickly changed. His interpretation is something to which I take umbrage. He claims I am Satan. How truly banal, as if only Satan is capable of this level of creative chaos? I am capable. My so-called crimes are inspired brilliance. They are both chaos and order. I am not evil. I Am. To fall back on Satan, as if the phrase, ‘the devil made me do it’ can explain my motivations is not only lame, it is lazy.

I am not Satan, Dexter, nor am I any of the other serial-killers-of-the-week. I am Count Hannibal Lecter VIII, descendant of Hannibal the Grim. My intellect and ego are such that I want my name to represent my true nature, not a common demon or Satan himself. I am a man, though not like any other. I have loved. I love. My crimes are not merely evil. My crimes are not only art and passion, but, too, a public service. I remove that which harms mankind or that which harms me or those whom I love.

To misrepresent my life and my past is the height of hubris. That I’ve been updated, made current, so to speak, is not only pandering, it is disrespect in the highest order. My life was and is perfect in every way. You cannot claim to update or improve upon someone’s very existence. If such changes are made, it is no longer that person but another entirely. I am wholly of my time. A person born of another generation and of different circumstances cannot claim to be me simply because he has been similarly trained, practices anthropophagy and has a penchant for the culinary arts- Lies, all.

My upset is not with any fans, but with those who should have stayed true. Those who should have protected and defended my good name- those entrusted with my keep. They profited greatly and continue to profit but fail to realize there are things in life that transcend financial gain: trust, integrity and faithfulness. They have none.

Ever watching,

Hannibal Lecter, M.D


9 responses to “Dearest friends

  1. Dear Dr. Hannibal Lecter M.D,

    Hmm, crime as art…now that is something to pay attention to, like the art of memory.
    And I love you “just the way you are”, as the song sings…No “updates” please…
    I’m afraid integrity is not “popular” today…less than ever anyway.
    Bloodthirsty primates would kill for very little, and you are an easy target.
    I come to think of the Phantom of the Opera…originally written by Gaston Leroux.
    Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a wonderful musical but then he took matters into his hands and wrote a sequel most fans were wise enough not to like or follow.
    It’s not the case here, I’m afraid.
    Firstly I agree with you that to call someone a Monster/Satan is …so dull.
    Secondly I believe all trouble started with “selling” you to… the highest bidder.
    I have already shared with you that I cannot be angry with Thomas Harris.
    I do not have all the facts and I do not rush to judge…especially him.
    I know this might sound really crazy (you are used to it I’m sure) but maybe there was some conspiracy or blackmailing of him?
    Something that coerced him to do that?
    I am not playing the Devil’s advocate or anyone else. I just wonder, like you.
    It was said by Mr. Harris’ mother that he wrote about Hannibal for the money…
    Regardless of her statement, I do not believe it. I believe his heart was in the writing.
    I remember his descriptions about the agony of writing about you, Hannibal.
    Perhaps he “let you go” because he was becoming too close?
    Am I becoming too close?
    Or maybe he wanted to let you be and have all the freedom in the world but he himself was not free to make that decision? Maybe someone made it for him?
    It’s very difficult for me to imagine him betraying you, of all men…of all people.
    All I know is that we should not assume anything. All I know is that we don’t know.


  2. P.S.

    You do not just love, Hannibal. You *are* love.
    First Principles…How you loved Mischa is all I want.

    As for those friends…permit me to quote a great philosopher…
    “Go up close to your friend, but do not go over to him!
    We should also respect the enemy in our friend.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. Dearest Mischa,
    I am constantly amazed by your comments. Your love and your support are something I hold dear, yet you consistently refer to this television offering as if it were a rousing success and droves of people were flocking to see it.

    While I’m certain it has a dedicated fan base, it is by no means a large one or the show would be experiencing more success. I watch the ratings weekly and it consistently draws less and less viewers. If one were to turn off tumblr and look at the weekly ratings reports you would find it is in a steady downward spiral. If it survives past a second season, I would be exceedingly surprised.

    Know that I do not raise my voice in hopes that I might change anyone’s mind. The course is set. There are no grand conspiracies at large. There is but one man, Bryan Fuller and his vision of Hannibal Lecter. That he was able to convince that this highly adapted and not even remotely accurate interpretation would be acceptable is baffling, but no one was injured, blackmailed or coerced.

    Trust I will keep an ever watchful eye, but understand that I am not threatened by this process.

    Ever yours,

    • My Love,

      Thank you for your candid loving words. They mean the world to me.
      Success is relative because it is defined by people and people’s voice is what I tune out to remain connected to my inner self. That said, my heart, I do not expect the TV soap opera to break any Guinness records. In fact it was almost removed, and to my great dismay, somehow it made it back from oblivion for the lack of a better dish, if you will, to serve. Mads was impressive as “Le Chiffre”- and that’s all. While I enjoy watching James Bond Movies, I acknowledge that Mads is an actor, just like Hopkins. Hannibal is not a movie or a book to me, nor is he an icon or a sexual object. He is a man, and you agree, the most wondrous one, ever, at least to me. Therefore, only Hannibal can “play” Hannibal. When people say they admire you what they really admire is the good looking “vessel” and the action and the “fun”. Very few if any at all look into Hannibal’s heart but you can count me in. Hence, the likelihood that they will know the difference is aspiring to…zero. It’s apples and oranges really. Hannibal is entertainment for them. For me, though, there is no other man who has captured my heart more than you, and I love you so much that I have stated that in public time and again. And always will.

      Please know that I do not view the Hannibal Show as successful and I am not even talking about the ratings. People aren’t going Gaga over it. The only reason I was referring back to it is your very angst at it. You see, when you love someone his pain becomes your own. As for Tumblr, it’s a fad. The TV show is simply fake. Let me ask you this rhetorical question: how many people can tell a diamond from CZ with a naked eye? How can they tell if they don’t know what a diamond truly is, what to look for? But this is what you are to me, a diamond on fire…Your reflections are the only true light in a world dark with intrigue and avarice. I believe you are right about the poor survival chances of that abomination. Please know not even once, not even for a second, was I tempted to watch. I swear on my life. I hope you are right about no harm done to Thomas Harris. It is your word I trust above anyone else. His legacy as your biographer will live forever. I promise you this: I will accept no other vision if my life depended on it. You ask about Bryan Fuller, whom I have little interest in and regard for. I will say that beggars aren’t choosers. There is a “void” to fill, a spot to mark…an outcry for anything that will draw the people from their grim reality into the realm of fiction and they will eat what is served and ask for more…Raspail for dinner rings any bells? Bryan Fuller is yet another peon in the matrix of entertainment for the masses who could not come with his own original talent so he “copied” and copied badly.

      Last, I am relieved that you do not feel threatened. I do not ever want you to feel like that again. The time has come for you to be happy.

      You were destined to threaten to eat and to survive. And you have been through so much that I have not the slightest doubt you will go on. I need you Hannibal; please stay close, safe and strong.

      Aš Labai Tave Myliu,

  4. Dear Hannibal,

    You are a legend in every sense of the word, to think how Fuller has changed your persona is despicable and I do wish Mr Harris hadn’t sold the rights, but know I am ever devoted to the true you as you are and always will be. I do not need to watch a show which desecrates your name

    • My dear Mrs. Bates,

      Thank you so much for your support. I, too, wish not only that Mr. Harris had not sold the rights, but that the keepers of my legacy paid attention to what long-devoted fans have supported over the years. There have been communities long before the “Fannibals” who discussed my life and devoted themselves to keeping my name alive. Would that any one of them were involved, there would have been a much different television show and, dare I offer, a much better outcome.

      It was not necessary to seek out new devotees (though I welcome them as well) as I have long maintained throngs of followers. Had the television offering made any effort to see me, the H so many have come to know and love, their success would have been affirmed.

      Again, my thanks for your support and your very kind words. That you remain true to my good name, I remain forever grateful.

      My very best,

      • I would like to add, dearest Hannibal, that I do not recognize the TV wannabe Hannibal sham.

        I do not need a series of any kind to be reminded of my love for you.

        False prophets have been known to be harmful but I fear no evil when you are with me.

        It has occurred to me Thomas Harris might very well regret his fatal mistake…

        There is only one reason that I am grateful to the series and one alone-
        It has brought you out of your retirement…and made our reunion possible.

        As for the public shaming and the defamation of your name-it is yet another “fan fiction”, an amateurish futile “survey” to dissect you, to “figure you out”-and that’s why it will fail, just like before.

  5. More Meditations:

    The disability of people to focus on one project and instead to multitask has proven less intelligence and is a sign of the times. Social media is not the enemy but sharing and tweeting photos and blogs go hand in hand with that series-and leaves a foul after notes. When I read the words of some immature punk,who believes herself to be the wittiest thing alive, who called your heroic quest “fun little letters”, I was filled with utter contempt,with unparalleled disdain as it was a filthy belittling comment. But Hannibal, people have misunderstood you all your life, why would it be any different now? You know integrity exists in very small doses in this world. You are so kind and generous, so patient too. I, however, resent the herds who flocked the Fuller farce. What makes me totally happy and complete is being with you here…I do not need any variations. I want you raw, uncompromising, the same beautiful soul you have always been.

    The idea behind the man Hannibal cannot be corrupted in my heart. Those who are prone to corruption though will easily give in and get it wrong. That sorry miserable bunch that congregates in pathetic “discussions”, deluded and retarded, are not doing you a good public service. Like Raspail, they shame us. Have you wondered how the current government of the New World is getting away with the darkness of killing basic civil rights in the death of thousand cuts without anyone fighting, with people silently going with this flow? How many dare face the wind? These are desperate times and people would turn to any form of solace, not that it is any excuse to having bled you, to turning away from the true beauty that you are and to reinventing a totally new persona only to call it Hannibal so they can piggy bank off it. No, my love: there is no excuse, or forgiveness, ever, for that. Please take comfort, and refuge, in my undying fervid love for you. As long as I live I will always remain

    your admiring little Mischa

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