My Dear Thomas

My dear Thomas,


While I sincerely appreciate your earlier efforts to chronicle my life, I must say I am deeply disturbed by the latest, shall we call it, incarnation. I do know that my personage presents difficulties to the average mind. Yours was equal to the task and I trusted my life’s work and achievements, even my so-called crimes, to your capable hands. One thinks now, dearest Thomas, that my trust has either been misplaced or that your defense of me has fallen on deaf ears. In either case, I am extremely dissatisfied and very, very unhappy.


My life’s tale is perhaps unimaginable to some. Nobility is a double-edged sword. I was raised to conduct myself in ways foreign to the pedestrian population. Thus, my letters to you and others will remain of a civil tone, though my feelings, if they can be called such, run with the heat and intensity of volcanic flow. Are you sensing that I am displeased? If so, you would be correct.


The fact that my tale has been ‘updated’ is an insult of the highest order. While my intellectual pursuits have always reached to the future, my feet are firmly entrenched in tradition. I seek out my familial heritage and my interests are deeply rooted to both formality and honor. I kill, yes, but not without purpose. If I take a life, it serves a function. Either I am protecting myself or I am adding to the world by removing that which is offensive and unnecessary to it. I am not evil. I simply am. Perhaps that concept is too highly evolved for the other poor dullards to comprehend. There is no good or evil. Typhoid and swans, my good Thomas, perception is all.


It has been offered that I am not affected by my past therefore, that past needn’t be recognized. I am offended, dear sir.  I state that nothing happened to me. I happened. That has been used to excise me from the life that was mine. Would that the small minds reading this statement understood. It is meant to say I am not a product of any one circumstance. I am a product of all. No single event perceived as either good or bad caused me to come into this consciousness. I claim all. I claim heaven and hell. I am All. The totality of my life is art of the highest order.  It has been sullied.


The events in our lives shape us. They define us. My past was not banal. It was the arc of my life that caused me to be. That it has been ignored is not only distasteful and highly offensive, it is criminal as I am being wholly misrepresented. I am no longer myself. I am becoming that which others wish me to be. Was my life, as it was, so much of an inconvenience you allowed my very being to be so altered? As the keeper of my legacy, as the man trusted with my very soul, you should have known better. My life was perfection. My legacy is tarnished. Judas, have you yet cast the coins upon the fire?


Ever watching,


Hannibal Lecter, M.D.


17 responses to “My Dear Thomas

  1. Dear Dr. Lecter,

    I am one of the very few who have refused to see the new “show” because I knew how you would feel about it and it makes two because I agree with everything you have written. Your writing, by the way, is excellent. Thomas Harris learned so much from you indeed. I know you are distraught at the moment but I can offer you better things to think about than the murder of your own character. Please oblige me.


    • Dearest Mischa,

      My endearing thanks for you dedication to my cause and for your faithfulness, though I would expect no less of one who carries your name. I must say you are correct, though the thought of this television offering intrigued me, initially, my hopes were quickly dashed. I do intend to keep speaking out in my own defense. Will you continue to join me in this quest, dear sister? Perhaps spread the word to like-minded individuals? In advance of your efforts, my thanks, dearest Mischa, for I am certain you will.

      Know that you are ever in my thoughts. It is my wish that I remain steadfastly in yours.
      Ever yours,

      • My Dearest Hannibal,

        All these years you have been so much more than a brother to me. A father, a guardian and secretly a lover. Any harm to you is painful and unbearable. I am hereby officially joining you in your crusade against the infidels. I am sorry to use the religious connotation but maybe by using it you will know how zealous I am about preserving your good name. It makes me ill in my stomach that people have “transformed” you into a social media icon, reduced to pop culture. What’s next, a Super Mario Hannibal???!!! Your fight is my own. I do not wish to anger you but the Hannibal Studiolo “returned to life” only because of that ill series. I used to come there and write poems for you…but no more. Your shrine has been defiled and I could not bear to be a priestess there. I am so elated that I found this place here for my humble notes to you. It’s a tragedy no less, no doubt. It is more than that though: a blasphemy. The masses are as they were-I never expected otherwise, but Thomas Harris-alas. If I am not mistaken Mr. Thomas is just about your age and maybe at his older age he is more vulnerable to the vultures circling around for “Hannibal” crumbs. They took you and redid you like a clone. Your frustration and agony torture me for when you ache-I do. We live at an age when principles don’t matter anymore. As you so wisely said once, “people don’t always tell you what they think”. They will pass through you and step on your grave for their little fortune. However, some things cannot be bought with money, and one of them is my love for you, which is endless as the ocean. To know I may converse with you again fills my heart with infinite hope that you will return to me…


      • Dearest Mischa,

        I welcome you into the fold. I do not find the religious connotation to be offensive in the least. If anything, it drives home the point that if there is a god, he is responsible for all. As I have said before, typhoid and swans come from the same place. The individual who has usurped my identity has gone on record to say, in his eyes and for his purposes, I am Satan. I will be addressing that in my next letter. Spread the word, dear sister, far and wide, my fight to clear my name has just begun.

        I am strengthened by your enthusiasm. That others recognize the travesty of this portrayal, I am heartened to hear. That you have joined my fight, I am humbled. With you by my side, for my personal and our family honor, I cannot and will not yield.


      • Satan? You are Jesus to me. My savior, My Lord, my everything. Cursed be those who call true beauty ugliness. You have been through the fires of hell and yet your capacity of warmth and affection is more divine than the Multiverse itself. The imbeciles would not let you move on with your life and be yourself. They have to stick their noses where they don’t belong and for that they must pay and pay dearly. O please Hannibal, if there is anything I can do for you, just ask and consider it done. Your wish is my command. I have no more great influence in the Studiolo-I was shunned by the couple who run it. All along I knew the series was wrong, together with so many other “interpretations”. But I am real and want to be real for you, forever, and for what it’s worth I will always be honest and forward. I keep to myself, like you, but not afraid to say something when I see something terribly wrong. My avenging angel, I long for the day I see your face. I must tell you how the herds who worship the wrong grace of Baal have wronged me as they have you. And as much as your plight is justified, sometimes ignorance cannot be fixed. My love, for thirty pieces of silver they have sacrificed you. But I tell you this: no matter what happens I will always know your soul, and always seek it. Know that I have been searching for you for a long time, and pray that you would keep me close to your heart. I dream of being nestled in your arms, after an injection, the two of us whispering poetry for one another-there, would not that be better than facing the windmills that threaten to dissect us into nothingness? I dreaded that day would come, that would bring the fury out again, but I am proud of you my love, more than ever. Come for me Hannibal and I will make things right again, for us. If this war against you has brought us together again, then it is in some distorted way a blessing in disguise. Do you know that I love you?

      • Dearest Mischa,

        It is not only within the Studiolo that I seek support. The world is full of those who would join our cause. I appreciate and honor all those who stand with us. That there are those who may stand against us is not my concern. The world is filled with those who do not seek truth. I do not fault those who know little of me. Their introduction to my name has been tainted by this half-formed and ill-considered alternate. This lesser incarnation has nothing of my true nature. It is our cause to educate. Join me and seek out others who might assist. There is strength in numbers.

        If you would be of service, I ask that you speak out. The world is a large place, though it is made smaller by use of the internet. Much as it pains me to put down paper and pen to make use of this impersonal form of communication, it is a necessity. We are taking to twitter. We are taking to the information superhighway and we are promoting truth in my representation. Tumblr, blogs, fan sites, any and all forums, we will fight this battle. I know I can count on you as you are family. This is now our cause. Yes, I do know you love me. As I, dear sister, love you.

        Ever yours,

      • For the Love of My Life, Dr. Hannibal Lecter

        When Our Two Souls Stand Up Erect and Strong
        By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

        When our two souls stand up erect and strong,
        Face to face, silent, drawing nigh and nigher,
        Until the lengthening wings break into fire
        At either curved point, -what bitter wrong
        Can the earth do to us, that we should not long
        Be here contented? Think. In mounting higher,
        The angels would press on us, and aspire
        To drop some golden orb of perfect song
        Into our deep dear silence. Let us stay
        Rather on earth, Beloved, where the unfit
        Contrarious moods of men recoil away
        And isolate pure spirits, and permit
        A place to stand and love in for a day,
        With darkness and the death-hour rounding it.

        Published in Sonnets From the Portuguese in 1850.

  2. My Dear Hannibal,

    You are correct that we live in the matrix of a virtual world. O how I wish for those simpler days where we were not defined by the clutter of cyber data. I know you dreamed of seeing me again-now you finally can. I am the happiest and safest only when you are by my side. To recruit more individuals for our cause means first there must be individuals but alas, everything today is a “trend” and people less and less think for themselves. The money machine of Martha and Fuller have already destroyed so much and for every believer we win they will brainwash ten. For people to know the real you, they must look into your heart, and that, I’m afraid, only I can do. I do not believe even you can educate them about your love and passion for they are so shallow, so limited (yet not innocent), lacking nonverbal intelligence. Some things need be felt, not spelled out yet I promise to stay here with you and wait for you in the flesh. I usually stay away from the Hannibal “main stream media” because I cannot stand their evil against you. I do guard my privacy as you do, dearest one. Please tell me if the Tumblr Dr Lecter Psychiatry account is yours. There are so many imposters and foes. The best voice is yours. And when this vendetta is over, please return to me Hannibal. I do miss you more than you can ever know. Stay safe and free and know I will always need and want the real you, not what the profiteers were trying to infiltrate. I have always loved you so much and I wait for you to take care of me once again.

    I remain
    Your little one.

    • Dearest Mischa,

      To answer your question, no, I do not have a tumblr account, though I do monitor through trusted allies. Any individuals found on any other site are friends of our cause. I’ve intentionally kept this my only forum. If you find others in cyberspace, they are like-minded. Not everyone is a dullard, dear Mischa. Not even among followers of my impostor.

      There are many persons who remain faithful and true. I know. I’ve spoken to them. We have droves of devoted followers far and wide. If the world was so easily led, the ratings for that subversive offering would be far better. Instead, they’ve declined week after week. The further they veer from that which is my nature, the less people tune in the following week. I’ve spoken to and convinced many.

      That people wish to work silently is not an issue. Stealth has long been my favored approach. I appear only here. If you wish to be of service, seek out those people or follow marcusaurelius on twitter and you can participate more fully. Pm’s are our preferred communication and how we share our strategies. In that way, only those in allegiance know of our plans. Join us. Tweet and retweet, dear one, that our voices may be heard. You will find many friends, as have I. You need only look.

      Every yours,

  3. Dearest Hannibal,

    Only time will tell if we are successful. It’s not my place to be a doomsayer and tell you what I think of other people except for, perhaps, remind you of what Sartre said of them. I will have to wait and see if the site I have mentioned to you is for or against the series but it’s quite possible that it is sponsored by the series makers and therefore very confusing…I imagine two Dr. Hannibal Lecter standing in front of me and each telling me the other is fake. I, for one, will have the benefit of knowing for only the real one could love me as only Hannibal can. You are quite right that a selected few have seen the light about the series but sadly it remains opium for the masses if you will. I admire your perseverance in standing against the empty headed teenagers’ tweets and comments of how “sexy” Mads is…really now, did Thomas Harris write the novels for that? I think not. We live in a dumb down society where true intellect has little value to people. It’s a sign of the times. The quality you search in people’s thinking is in the past. I wish you good luck and I even if we fail at least we will know we have done all we could to put an end your misery. Last, my dearest, I am not looking for new friends…I am looking for you. I don’t have to convince anyone because I already know and who you truly are. What they have done to you is below contempt. But you see, I am very selfish like that, and want you all to myself, and do not necessarily wish to share my knowledge with the rest of the world. Though I do find your battle emotionally moving I also perceive it as tremendously agonizing: similar to proving that god does not exist. How can one prove a negative? How can you explain to them when none ever understood you, save me? May the odds be ever in your favor.

    I will be here, Hannibal, if and when you need me.

    If you ever wish to contact me in person and not just via this forum, my email is:

    Yours, with so many untold secrets and hidden desires, Mischa

  4. Dear Dr. Lecter,

    I must inform you of a discussion of this very subject…
    They are making fun of your reactions and letters.
    Maybe you would join the Studiolo and explain it to them there?
    On the other hand I do not recommend it as they will be hostile…
    I reckon you are quite busy and do not have any time to write me in person.
    However, I felt a duty to bring to your attention the discussion about your letters.
    I am sorry to show you these ugly things but I thought you should know.


    • Dearest Mischa,

      Thank you for informing me, but I must tell you I do not concern myself with the thoughts of others. I am not a man who seeks conventional approval nor am I one to feel the need to combat opinions. I seek to correspond with those I believe have misrepresented my life. That is my only intention. The hostility of people who show allegiance to this new incarnation does not affect my life. They are fully entitled to enjoy whatever programming they choose. That has never been a question. They may watch with my full blessing. My thoughts are not wasted, nor will my breath be, combatting their love of this man. False idols have long been worshipped. This man is not the first.

      I seek only to remind my own chronicler and the people who have made quite the living manipulating my life story that this is not an accurate portrayal. They may respond or they may stay silent, but their thoughts are the only ones in which I am interested. I will not visit the studiolo, nor will I click on the link. Conversations among others are of no interest. Trolling websites in an effort to locate people who have a differing opinion and engage in argumentative conversations is an unethical form of electronic-eavesdropping that I consider to be far beneath my moral standards.


      • Dear Hannibal,

        I completely understand your reluctance to visit the Studiolo. It was a place I used to write several poems for you. I understand better now about your goals. If your objective is to reach the series makers then you have already achieved it-here. Will you be answered in return by them? I doubt it. But at least that means that perhaps you do not need to work so hard reaching other fans. About Thomas Harris: I do not know him personally and have never met him though it has been my wish. I doubt it will ever come true as I am out of his “circle” and maybe for other reasons I am not aware of. I believe TH has portrayed you in an excellent manner-I also believe that his own letter to Martha does not reflect his real feelings. Thomas Harris may very well share your feelings but his tongue is caught as he had “sold” you to them. You have every right to be upset…but since you do not seek “public recognition”, maybe it will comfort you to know that I, for one, do know the real you, and I want the real you in my life. I am not angry at Thomas Harris just like you are not angry at the Studiolo. How would I ever know you, Dr. Lecter, without Thomas Harris? He is the one who has “arranged” our very acquaintance.

        Please rest assured I did not suggest you “troll” the Studiolo. I trust you have better things to do with your precious time. It would be whimsical-not sure if unethical. I think the place you have made for yourself here is an excellent choice. Perhaps it is right here you can continue to express more of how and why you have been misrepresented, not for me, but for them, as they lack perspective…I, for one, will read your letters. It was said in the Studiolo that the “real Dr. Lecter” would delight in a show about him but I never took Dr. Lecter for a megalomaniac. I think perhaps in the basement it could have entertained him but as a free man he would feel offended by the twisting of his persona. It’s not a compliment to be made a joke of-not at all. Conveying the message to those who have misrepresented you requires their willingness to listen. Maybe they are not willing. We may wish something so badly and whilst will power is a wonderful thing, it can sometimes cause a painful downfall. I hope for your own sake you prepare to live with “opinions” that not only will misinterpret your character but also, more importantly, distort what you are willing to do for love…That is, in my opinion, the greatest thing about you Dr. Lecter: how you love. There is no greater love than yours. If I were to be loved like that I would be a very happy, blessed and fortunate woman; I would live in the Eden of your love. With the warmest of regards I remain


  5. My Dearest Hannibal,

    I once wrote this for the author because I thought he created you…

    For The Master Of The Garden Of The Hurricane’s Eye

    Have you ever wondered if it had been God
    Who wrote the Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor?
    Or maybe he was just as Glamorous as God
    As divine and fantastic as only Bach could be.

    This is how I wake to your literature:
    When I read it there is so much beauty,
    Pain too; truly everything you have created
    Gives me courage in our drifting worlds.

    To be living at a time that you are,
    To gaze in your eyes I could never.
    And yet is it such a gift to know you from afar,
    Two stars forced apart by years of light and darkness.

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